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Sustainable House of God


Clausen Bouw & Ontwikkeling

Floor Area

500 m² GFA







Project type

Renovation and transformation


2016 – 2018



In the initiation phase and in conjunction with a project developer, we created a plan to convert and transform this remarkable, monumental ensemble located in the heart of Edam.

In 2007, a decision was made to fuse three church congregations. A few years later, the result of this fusion was that the Groenland Church was no longer in use. The last mass held in the church was on the 11th of October, 2015. After serving as a church and meeting place for 124 years, the decision was made to sell the entire complex in 2015.

“This conversion and transformation is breathing new life into Groenland Church.”

Our volumetric studies led us to create a plan that provided for two generous residences with a garage in what was previously green space. The building that housed the meeting space at the rear was to be torn down to make space for back gardens for the residences situated in front. What was previously the reformed church, ‘The Groenland Church’, would be transformed into a residence. The church designed by deacon-scribe Groot, overseer and miller, and was built in 1891 in the record time of three months. The church was finished on the 2nd of August, 1891. The building itself displays an eclectic architectural style, with both neo-gothic and neo-renaissance influences.

The church will be transformed into one generous loft residence that will preserve the spacious quality and feel of the original church, while at the same time creating sufficient cozy, small-scale and intimate spaces.

The approach we devised to do so involves the placement of a ‘box’ within the church. This box houses all of the supporting and more private functions of the residence, while still maintaining the spaciousness of the church. In sliding the box against the adjacent building, we are able to make use of natural ventilation for the bedrooms, etc. The box is designed in such a way that the traffic areas of the residence also have a function – housing workplaces and storage space, for example. We designed the routing and staircases to create an ‘architectural route’ that leads you through the church and offers an ever-changing perspective of the gardens and the church. The route ends on the second floor, culminating in the bathroom. Here, the beautifully placed bathtub sits just in front of the rose window on the façade of the building.

By opening up the rear-facing and greenspace/garden-facing façades in several places with the addition of glass, a strong link to the gardens is created. These glass walls are intended to provide a contemporary element and their abstract form is consistent with the rhythm of the existing church windows.


Roy Plevier, Jos Hoope, Kees Hoope, Esmee Mertens, Sharon van Deventer, Melanie ligthart, Cherise de Wit.

Herbestemming, transformatie, monument, kerk, renovatie, interieur, >500 m², Edam, Nederland