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J.J. Cremerhuis


Municipality of Amsterdam

Floor area

500 m² GFA




Community and youth center


Preparing to build

Project type



2016 – present


Won in invited competition

This project was initiated as a result of cooperation between the Municipality of Amsterdam and the residents of the Cremerplein neighborhood. We produced the winning preliminary design in a competition for the renovation of the existing youth center located at the Cremerplein. We then worked together with the relevant stakeholders to further develop the design.

The building will function as a community meeting place. A transparent and open character will be created by the cadence created by the use of both open glass sections and closed sections with wooden elements. The façade includes large closed areas where needed and is more open in areas in which sight, light and social control are necessary. The rhythmic nature of the use of open and closed sections is apparent throughout and provides the basis of the detailing on the wooden elements and the corners. In different areas, horizontal posts are used in front of glass; this layering produces an exciting effect while preserving light and visibility.

Our plan includes a new admissions kiosk in the entrance area to improve manageability. A moveable, inviting awning can be used to close off the building. The plan also includes three multifunctional spaces of different sizes on the ground floor, the large hall with storage room and an enlarged workshop kitchen. This makes it possible to hold cooking workshops for both adults as well as children.
The kitchen connects directly to a roof terrace on this floor that functions as a fourth multifunctional space that can be used for events or as a place to keep an eye on the children in the playground. The roof terrace is also accessible from the large hall so it can also be used as a staging area for events held in the hall.

The storage area in the hall will be moved to the side, against the bar and the outdoor storage area to open up the south and east-facing facades. This way, a strong relationship is created between the building and the center of the square. A new bar has also been designed that extends outside, in addition to the large hall, that can be put to use during events.


Roy Plevier, Jos Hoope, Kees Hoope, Rick Zonneveld, Jochem van der Horst (visualization).

community-center, competition, area renovation, participation, interior, >500 m², Amsterdam, Netherlands.